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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by godkarma

Armageddon is a MUD that is far different from others, of course everyone says this but it is true in this case.
I have been playing MU*s for years, since the late 80ís. Iíve played possibly thousands of MU*s in my time and had fun with a great many but never quite got that Ďrealí feel from any. Armageddon gives me that feel like (A)D&D used to.
Armageddon enforces role-play, it is mandatory and the players are great and really make the game come to life. Other MU*s claim to be 100% role play but the great many I have tried have had OOC chat channels, acted OOC, and just had tons of unrealistic or out of character motives, actions, etc.

Armageddon fetters great plots, which are player and immortal run, noble and merchant houses with dark secrets, assassination plots, slave trade, and many, many other activities.
You can play anywhere from a Wyvern Elite in the great noble house of Borsail and guard their property, wagons, and nobles along with many other activities. You could be an assassin for The Guild and try to penetrate a noble house and assassinate a senator, you could be a mercenary in the Byn and go on high risk contracts for just about anyone who could afford your services. Maybe try a weapons crafter for the merchant house Salar and supply the best weapons available or even an independent merchant or hunter doing whatever they can to survive.

Magick? Sure, Armageddon has magick users but they are hated for the most part. Elementalist are allowed to live within the city of Allanak but let anyone outside of the walls find out you are an Elementalist and you will more then likely lose your life. Sorcerers and psionics? They arenít even permitted in Allanak and 99.9% of the time will be killed on sight if they are discovered. Despite this, there are some places where some magick users can group together, the highly secretive Conclave for example or one of the elementalist temples in Allanak.

One death, thatís it. Once you die itís over. No resurrections and going to find your corpse or any crap like that. While this discourages some players that are used to not having to act realistically it increases the will to survive that everyone has and makes it more realistic. There are some people who have had the same character for years, living a long is not impossible if you are smart and aware of your surroundings.

The immortals on Armageddon are great. They donít interfere with the players unless they have a problem and need assistance; they are very helpful, polite, and courteous. Got an idea, a new item you would like to see, want to write some NPCs? Go for it, chances are it will be implemented as long as it fits in with the world. No glowing swords that talk named ďIím gonna kill youĒ or any crap like that, this world is realistic.

Knights in shining armor? Yeah right, the legal system is corrupted (told you it was realistic) and most people are to busy struggling to find their next meal or drink of water to worry about helping others. It is a desert world; youíre not going to find an ocean of water anywhere.

Anyway, this has gotten longer then I expected but I love this game, best thing I have found since I played my very first mud. Anyone who loves to role-play in a realistic world should come check us out.

Be sure to read as much info as you can ( before submitting a character. I find that characters are usually approved (or not) anywhere from three and twelve hours but at times it may take up to twenty-fourÖthis ensures that all of the new characters fit into the world appropriately. Best chance a new player has to learn and survive is join one of the many clans; the Byn is a great choice for the new guys.

If you need further help, the web page (as listed above) also has a helper section; you can email any of those helpers with any questions you might have.