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Reviews Section
Discworld by Anonymous Mark. 1

"Oh dear" and "What a shame" are the only real phrases that can sum up the degradation of the creator-base in Discworld. I'm not sure when it started, but in 2 years, while the game itself has improved beyond recognition, to probably the best produced MUD around, the relations between creators and players and the coding psyche in general have taken a swift downturn, almost cancelling out all the hard work.

Let's start on a positive though. With the introduction of two sprawling cities in the last year, the creators have been working hard to code what they want, and luckily the players are generally satisfied. It's that satisfaction which has led to a generally friendly atmosphere within the player base. Well, if you punctuate. For Discworld is a very popular MUD among the consigenti, the intelligentia, and thus people who are willing to use standard English. Yet those using SMS spk can seclude themselves away in little clubs. That gives an impression of croniism, but in the player base that's not apparent. Certainly, the club system allows like-minded people to have conversations without the prejudice of their peers/seniors. In some aspects, it is a very friendly MUD to be on.

But, alas, as with all large organisations, inefficiency and break-down in relations have reared their ugly heads. In a few cases recently, players have been suspended from the MUD by rules which are not written down - often to do with something that provides no benefit or disbenefit to anyone, that are just throwaway rules. Because of the individual nature, these suspensions often revolve around certain commands unique to this MUD. In a way we should be thankful for that. Another problem is in several bad hiring decisions in my own opinion. A player, who we shall call D, was recently forced to start his character from scratch, having been a very strong 60 day-old character. The reason for this? A few creators (and defnintely more than one) had decided to pick on D, removing priveledges, suspending him, deleting his inventory, and finally deleting him. One creator was fired, but has since been re-employed.

However, I'll finish on the customary light note. If you're willing to avoid the mild corruption in the system - many of the coders are very nice, and honest people, you'll find a friendly MUD, a well-built one, and one made popular by a fantastic player-base. Just exercise some caution when dealing with coders. My last bit of advice? Don't ever, EVER, complain, becuase in my experience those in charge will take it as a personal insult, and you wouldn't want that.

Mr Anonymous.