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Reviews Section
FiranMUX by Mike/Rodellos

I have played and explored lots of MU*'s over the past couple of years and never submitted a review.  And then came FiranMUX.

This games is absolutely astounding...a complex, huge, vital and orignal world where you can play anything from a theiving street urchin to a carpenter to a manipulative noble.  Characters are pregenerated, which scared me at first, but with over 140 to choose from, you can find the perfect character for you.  Plus, because the characters have been created by the begin playing with a complete history, family friends, enemies and a place in the world.  No need to stress over how to get started!  Where you go from there is up to you!

I know many potential players out there are scared to venture into the MUSH/MUX realm away from the familiar territory of MUDs (I was!).  You should know this...Firan is the perfect bridge of both worlds.  RP is the primary name of the game here (and is phenomenal, btw), but there is also plenty of code for crafting, fighting, making skill and atrribute checks, the works!  With its hard working and friendly staff, extensive news, helpfiles and playerhelpers, Firan was voted most newbie friendly MU* last year.

There is an application process for most characters on the roster that you can choose from, but don't let it scare you away...It ensures the superior quality of rp on the game and guarantees that you end up with a character that you will love to play for years!