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Reviews Section
Discworld by Anonymous

I've been playing Discworld for about three years now, and I've seen its ups and downs. There are many positive things about the MUD, such as its rather large size, its witticisms and unexpected surprises coupled with humorous rooms and players, but I have found that despite a new continent and another city being added, the MUD has gone, to a certain extent, downhill.

Many of the better items that were around have been discontinued from production, making it hard on players to compensate for not being able to have them and creating an imbalance in power and money to the players that still have them after they have been discontinued. Downgrades are evident in many places, and have ultimately driven a number of players away from the MUD.

I've noticed that the creators seem more irritable these days as well, and that they seem not to care much for the general well-being of the player populace in respects to negative bugs. I've seen occasions where beneficial bugs have cropped up in the system and were quite literally fixed within hours or even minutes, whereas many of the negative bugs I have seen are still around from two or three years ago. The monetary system is also quite buggy, even after the creators have looked into it several times. I have seen logs of posts on guild boards, such as this excerpt from the Wizards' guild board:

"I've had a bad day, so you all get to suffer."

That one was made by a creator for the Wizards. Many of the creators seem to take out their frustrations on the playerbase, either through direct action, downgrades, or the creation of NPCs that victimise the playerbase. To be fair, some of the creators I talk to are nice. However, not all are nice, and many dislike the players and even threaten players who are persistent in trying to get their problems taken care of. One incident I would like to cite took place about a month ago with a fellow wizard and a High Lord whom I will not name. The wizard had intended to place a bid for a house in one of the main cities, but was not able to place a bid in the real estate office. The only way onto this list is to, supposedly, kill the real estate receptionist. He sent a letter to the administration, asking why he was on the list, as he hadn't killed the receptionist (believe me, folks, I know this guy, he's not stupid enough to kill someone he'd try to buy from). The only high lord that responded told him, in the course of multiple mails, that the player was A) totally wrong and at fault B) guilty of killing the receptionist by reason that he was on the list and C) going to be severely 'dealt with' if he pursued the issue.

Now, I might be a little naive, but that sounds a lot like the creators are taking complaints as personal insults.

Overall, the MUD is of high quality, and there is a lot to see and do. As long as you don't mind being robbed blind by overpowered NPCs and logging on to find fresh downgrades, nor being subject to the dame detrimental bugs for years, then by all means, enjoy Discworld. The diversity and creativity are abundant, and you'll be fairly happy as long as you steer clear of creators.