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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Horngrath

well, i am not a master of words ... so, i will keep it short:

i played several other muds before and somehow i got stucked to dawn. i was a mage, a thief, a warrior, ... checked out every profession and in my eyes they are quite balanced (if there is something unbalanced the immos tend to get rid of the problem fast)

the careers are astonishing (especially the various number and the fact, that the number is still growing) same for the possible choice of the race.

where did i stop ... yes, i was mage, warrior and so on, i checked some races as well, lived in different clans ... and what comes up in sum:

i got addicted ;)

the variousity, the work of the immos and the character of most of the players, which usually are quite helpful (except they are on your tracks to get you *grin*) are causing so much fun that i dont want to miss it any more again ...
(of course there are sometimes some black sheeps that are trying to ruin the fun, but their lifetime is rather short, thanks to the immos)

and finally i became an immo myself ... because i dont have the time for an active player anymore *sigh* but that way i can keep contact to that special world, which is one of the best mud for me ...

well, that was my "short" opinion
but we are a free land :) so, come in and try for yourself ... and dont be surprised, if you notice an addicted immo which is some time afk, because he has to work but still most of the time there ...