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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Shalineth

This is the 3rd review Ive written about AVATAR MUD. In this one, I want to focus on one of the constant things about AVATAR, change. I should write it with a big capital 'C.'

The Immortal staff (especially the coders and builders) are constantly hard at work putting together new areas, skills and classes for the players' enjoyment. Most often, these additions are welcomed and enjoyable. A few times, they arent. Of the few that arent enjoyed, if someone takes a step back and looks at them, they're in the best interest of 'game balance.' (Its often frustrating as a player to lose a certain skill or bonus that you've come to rely on.) But, as a whole, these modifications are in the best interest of the game, and make group runs more enjoyable and more diverse. (Diversity is the big keyword right now. All too often, an entire group would be 3 Warriors, a Rogue (maybe) and  Cleric to heal the 'Tank' (the player taking the brunt of the damage.

This isnt what the game is about. Groups are now being encouraged to include Mages, Psions, Monks and other classes as their skills suddenly become relevant and even needed as part of group harmonics.

I encourage anyone who would be interested in an ever-changing and expanding world to check out AVATAR MUD. Its easy to build a 1st or 2nd level character, run it up to level 10, and get a chance to try several groups and areas. If you need any pointers, ask one of our helpful angels for assistance, or find me! I am (as are most heroes) always willing to help out.