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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Londikin

When I started searching for text multiplayer games online, I was hoping to find a replacement for the immersive roleplaying games I'd done in the back of the school library when I was in secondary school and some of the play-by-email storytelling games I'd been in (but had dried up).  Instead, I found MUD after MUD of "you-can-pick-to-be-a-druid-but-you-gotta-go-kill-the-fuzzy-rabbits-to-level-level-level-because-levelling-is-the-only-point-to-this."  Some promised RP but they either didn't deliver on that, or the place was so empty there wasn't anyone to RP with.

Then, one day about a year or so ago, I stumbled onto OtherSpace.  /RP-enforced/ ... no level-rushing (no levels, for that matter), always someone on, and always helpful people on the newbie channel to help you get started.

Wanna play a lizard?  A fish in a bowl?  How about a braniac, walking-talking bear?  Pirate?  Smuggler?  Scientist?  I wish I could go into detail about all the options and detail you have in your character, but I can't ... how could I?

Its an ongoing, continuous roleplaying MUSH ... there are broad story arcs, but more than that your character develops his/her own arc ... you start with a detailed background that makes you think, and over time you watch your character grow until the inevitable day, a year or so into playing your character, look at the +bio you entered the game with and think, "Wow, how my character has changed from the in-character, roleplayed experiences he/she has had ... what a rush it is to be along for the ride!"

I find myself there now.  I hadn't looked at my character's biography in a long time ... my character is a lot different, not in violation of the biography, but simply because of what has gone around in the backdrop in the story arcs and what my character has personally gone through in-character.

It did not take long through playing MUDs for them to pretty much all look alike.  They didn't have much originality, and in playing them the characters I played on them didn't have much individuality.

OtherSpace is unique ... races and worlds all original, and a plot and background that not only changes, but you have a chance to be a part of that change.  Ever watched Star Trek or Star Wars movie and thought if you had a character in there, you would do something different?  Now's your chance to do something different, have a character that is an /individual/ in a game that is original.

My suggestion to those who yearn for something beyond being a level-100 MegaUltraSuperWarrior out there killing anything alive ... join the adventure of OtherSpace!