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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Xanferious

Don't get me wrong but this is a great mud to Rp in but some of the admins there need some more PR skills, They have this nifty charter system setup, and I was impressed on the detail it has. there's 2 main things they offer Bit and Feature, Bit is a lame auto generated Bio for those who cant think for themselves and feature is a full version char of the realm, it makes you stand out because you get to have Skills and define your char at that time. However they recommend you read there Survivors guide which has all the important information to play OS. They also encourage you to play a feature char because you cant really do anything as a bit but walk around so you go for the feature? get prepared to get rejected a few time, or in some cases more then a few, They will pick it apart on anything and everything, from you name and to what skills you have taken. Other then the application process I found the OtherSpace to be very friendly, I was in a nice Rp session with 2 people for 6 hours straight and some people go longer then that, its very easy to lose track of time when playing at OS. I would recommend this mush for people who have days to wait for there application to get approved, it seems to be worth it, but gets boring quick....