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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kiri

Hi Snikt ;) It's Delaney.

I'm not reviewing this mud. Just responding to the last post.

Just because the MUD is in the US does not mean it's a democracy! The MUD is a privately owned game, and as with any private forum (like your house), they can boot you out for whatever reason they feel like. Even if you have a yellow shirt on they just don't like yellow.

Don't start appealing to the "this is the US and we have a constitution" argument because it simply doesn't apply here. They don't _have_ to listen to your ideas or have a discourse with you about it.

Frankly, in the end keep in mind mudders tend to come up with the same ideas over and over. Often imps hear these ideas constantly and already know their feelings on them. If they don't take your suggestion and impliment it, don't take it personally. Assume they are doing what they are doing for the good of the mud. If you can't do that, then maybe you aren't cut out to mud on a private forum with an imp and imm staff who feels differently than you do. Good luck finding an imp who agrees with every single thing you do.. ;)

Sorry Snikt. Had to. Love ya.