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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Crom

We implemented group size limitations. Part of
which involved skills called things like "lead army".  It's a negative change, I admit.
We implemented stat loss potential on death to make death more dangerous.  It's a negative change too.
We are attempting to implement a way for higher level characters to interact with lower level characters in a way that isn't abusive. This is something we've called 'shadowself'. It's also a negative change.
I don't dispute any of the negative things we've been attempting to accomplish on the game.  What I dispute is that this is all we've done in the last six months.
Here's a list since January:
1. Added new features for archers like autopull
2. Added about 30 new skills and spells to the game...although I'll admit that only about 15 unique ones.
3. Added a self insurance command to help players save their gear in case of a crash.
4. Added racial wimpy for goblins
5. An etch command for people to add their own keywords onto object
6. we allow players to now purchase stats with gold now that stats can be lost during death.
Either way, I think we have a good balance of good and bad or twinks and nerfs or whatever you'd like to call them going into the game. Some people may feel that it should always be good changes but that only works if you're willing to have escalation in the game. We dont.
If anything, I think Avatar has had a boost of energy and life after a dry spell of several months. Change is in the air and it smells sweet.