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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kevin Jagh - Snikt

RE: Review from "richard" (hi RoX)

I just wanted to tell people how the game is now going after I was gone for six months from it.  Ding Ding Ding we have a loser.
* I love sound effects. How do you do it?

I went to 5 other games and each one ask and thanked suggestions and when something they did was not to the liking of the players (I would underline it if I could) they would ex it out faster than the Avatar Imms tempers could flare(about 2.3 second is the Imms temper).
* I hope you enjoy playing there then... :)

I come back and people are fighting against these new things like Lead army (hello when is this game going to have 1000 people on in one group that you would actually have an army) to shadowing(which makes no sense to even make a lord) to stats losses when you die( makes players not even want to play the game past getting to hero).
* People's nature is to resist change. However, over time we have a proven track record (given our longevity and increased popularity) that the changes we've implemented have been an add for the game. Each change we make has been after careful consideration of the long term effects.

THE game has gone downhill in 6 months if you pick a game go to another one maybe a newwer one that listens.
* "If you don't like this game go somewhere else." Well duh...

This game is like an old person it cant hear the people around it and everyone around it wants it to die as soon as possible.
* That's just wrong. I'm sure this statement makes your parents proud.

* Omigod is this an old argument. I heard it back in '94, and it's STILL being chanted like some inane mantra.

oh and sorry for the caps to all the avatarians out there that must lose there eyesite from using caps.
* This is such a silly and negative review I'm finding it hard to even find the energy to be sarcastic.