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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kevin Jagh - Snikt

Hey just wanted to tell people not to come to this game if you want an exchange of ideas.
* "No, come to this game if you want to be part of a growing community backlit by an excellent game."

The immortals of this game have a dictatorship.  
* "Hit me with the obvious hammer."

TOday just a little bit ago an imm went on the mud and said "This is not a democracy" well this game is made in the USA not some 3rd world country that doesnt listen to its people.
* "Repeat for the stupid - This is not a democracy. And we're a Republic, not a Democracy..."

THis game has become too old and the immortals are Fidel Castro or any other dictatorship so please go to another one so you dont have to see how bad a good game can go.
* "I am whining. Will you please listen to me?"

* Cmon people, don't waste my time. If you have a problem and are uncomfortable mailing me directly, air it here (or TMC, or whatever), but be specific, and MOST of all, understand that while I hope you enjoy your time here, we will not always agree with YOUR untested theories about how Avatar should be run/developed.