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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Fal

I hate to write a bad review for any MUD, but I was very dissapointed by this one.

For starters, the newbie "program" was enough to make a Yale professor balk. I've been from MUD to MUD, and THIS was by far the MOST incomprehensive and overwhelming start I've ever experienced. Anything I did produced nearly a page worth of new information and commands to read. Several used slang I was not familiar with, and there was no help file to explain them. And forget what I DIDN'T do, I didn't even have to submit a command to be spammed by several "helpful" lines that appeared at frequent intervals, usually while I was attempting to comb a novel's worth of "help" files.

This was just the beginning. I disliked the graphics, the Ansi was extremely overused (I think I've gone blind from all the colors...the colors, man, the colors), and I couldn't get a word out of anyone who happened to pass me.

To sum it all up, I wouldn't recommend this MUD to anyone, experienced or otherwise, unless you happen to have a personal tutor...maybe two, one for anger management.

Happy Mudding, folks.