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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Makila

I just wanna comment on what daniel said about crom favoritism.
It's true that crom gave some people sorcerers.
But crom charged people for it.
He deleted/purged one of the players main characters from the game and in return he rewarded the player with a sorcerer.
I don't feel this is favoritism.
You loose something and you get something else in return.
It's also not true that you can't get a sorcerer anymore now, like Daniel said.
Once you reached a certain point into the game(usually after lord level 250) you can turn your char into a sorcerer by using the rebuild command.
The only difference there is now, is that you don't need Crom to do it anymore.
Which is good, right?
Ideas are not always turned down either.
There is an idea command, and you can post your ideas to the immortals, and help approoved-ideas give you a list of ideas that are approoved.