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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kariya - Avatar IMM

Daniel, don't be so angry please.
It is a shame you put all the effort in your area without even checking if the 'rules' would allow you to submit it.

Over the years Avatar has had the policy to only allow Immortals to submit areas on a regular basis. However, we have also had several contests where mortals could send them in. Many of these have been placed in the mud. Now, we also have the option if we are impressed by a player's writing to invite them to create an area, surpassing the rules. This is what happened in the case you mentioned. This has nothing to do with favoritism.

While I can see your point, I have to wonder, was anyone from the staff aware you were working on an area? Did the area team know you were interested in building? If not, then I am afraid you were to be disappointed from the start.

Why not contact the area team and ask if you can send in a sample of your work, if you are sure it will pass the test? Or perhaps hone your created area and be the first one to have one done when a new area contest is held?

Once again, this whole affair is not a case of favoritism and shouldn't keep anybody away from Avatar. In fact, it should be a reason to come check out our latest areas and see if you can overcome the obstacles our skilled creators made to make your mudlife adventurous!

- Kariya(KM) The Dark Fire