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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Yagnip

Hi, I'm Yagnip, I've been playing AVATAR since an on-line friend introduced me to the mud in 1996, or was it early 1997?  I forget.  AVATAR was my first mud and is pretty much the only mud I play.  I have visited many other muds and have never seen a mud as easy to figure out and with as helpful a staff and playerbase than AVATAR.  

Like a living entity, AVATAR is constantly evolving, implementing fresh new ideas and challenges for its players to work with such as new classes, unique ideas implemented into the code affecting game play, and other features every few months.  Lately, there have been many of these additions to the mud; yes, today you may go to the mud, start a char, and stuff only to find some things totally changed tommorrow, but be aware that is not the total norm.  The imms do tend to give clear information on upcoming changes ahead of time and continue to twink newly implemented ideas until they fit perfectly in the scheme of things.  

All in all, AVATAR is a very fun and active place to be.  Lots of things to learn, try, and explore.  Lots of people around usually willing to help you become acquainted with the rules and format of the mud.