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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Bling's Messenger

I was on Avater today looking at letter and saw one that needs to be seen to anyone who want to play this game.
Number:  187                      Board:   bug
From:    Bling
To:      all
Date:    Thu May  2 05:39:40 2002
Subject: newbie friendly mud?
--------------------------------------------------the last time i played this character, i logged off in an area appropriate to my level, specifically { 2  10} Crom    Cimmeria which has since been removed from the game. i understand that that is part of the evolution of this realm.  when the area was removed however, my room of recall disappeared. upon
logging in yesterday morning, i was entered into the game in a different area inappropriate for my level {12  18} Crom    Brothers Grimm which might
not have been so bad, but the game set me in a room 1 up from The Brothers
where a giant who is not fond of level 4 gnomes resides. i managed to flee one room north, at which point i recalled only to end up back with the afore- mentioned giant. then i was on the cloud. i nchatted for assistance. up to this
point, i was dealing with bugs. i nchatted for assistance, none was received, so i walked back to the area and once again nchatted for assistance, stating that i had died in an area i had not logged out in. no help was offered. the
bug note ends here potentially on a happy note, i recovered my gear.after that point i nchatted that i was disappointed in the lack of assistance
to newbies, and discovered the ugly side of this world. rude comments from players barely bigger than i all the way up to lords came merrily floating outover nchat. i am a big kid and can deal with that. what i would like to point
out is the impression this makes to the true newbies who play here.

will i be recommending this mud to others as newbie friendly? i think not.

Please go to another mud that is newbie Freindly which listens to player ideas and doesn't like crom not listen just says "I work the mud you dont so I am god and dont need to listen to Ideas" like many of the Imms on this game.