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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Xillimn

A review of Otherspace, huh?
Tired of wandering around, killing random rabid fidoes just to see your experience point value go up by 10? Sick of being stuck as one class, or having people ignore you if you try to RP with them? Connect to :1790, and say hello on the +newbie channel.
There are no classes, and the only limitation for a character concept is your imagination and the theme as has been thus far developed. /You/ create your character, /you/ RP the character, and /you/ can change the game. Every time you participate in a scene, there's a chance it will make the news. You can topple a government, if you have IC reason, the gear, and the connections. The government won't respawn 20 minutes later, it will stay dead unless you let it come back.

I started playing on OS a year or so ago. I think it was Alf(in an earlier review) that said OS is more addicting than cocaine. I'll disagree. It's not more addicting than cocaine, it makes cocaine boring and entirely drab in comparison. Otherspace is currently in its thirteenth story arc. Arc XII: Song For The Lost is as engrossing as ever. Other Arcs have taken OS into hostile alien invasions, alternate universes, civil wars, diplomatic incidences, and any manner of other plots.
  The application process for Otherspace can go several different ways. New players are welcome to apply for 'bit' characters. These bios are written beforehand, and the player slips into the bio. New players are encouraged, however, to apply for a Feature character. The Feature application requires a childhood, an event that changed your character's life, a post-event story to where the character is now, a goal for the character, and values that the character holds near and dear to him/her/itself. Though the Feature app is quite a bit different than the Bit application, it is still within easy grasp of most players, especially after reading the Survivor's Guide and news files for the race of your choice.

Anyways, connect and come see us! The players and staff are glad to answer any questions you have, or point you to a news, +sinfo, +einfo, +help file, or website where you can find the information.

-Xillimn, a six-foot tall psychokinetic, levitating, crystalline, intelligent, curious, many-eyed jellyfish. Or a Centauran, whichever you prefer., port 1790