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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Shalineth

I'm citing part of a post below from dated 5/4. Im also responding to that message here.

It seems to me for someone that is so disappointed with Avatar, you seem to spend alot of time dealing with it. You said yourself you logged on to read notes on our boards. If you're that disappointed with the game, LEAVE. You dont have to post countless messages trying to bring Avatar's popularity down.  Time has proven that Avatar is a popular game, with a large core base of regular players, and a good number of revolving new players.  Look at  We're consistently in the top 10. Out of how many Muds are out there? TomMudsites alone has 451 Muds listed. Thats not bad at all.

As for Bling, Im dismayed that he wasn't helped. I havent seen his note on our boards yet, but I will not only review it, but ask our hero community about it. As for me personally, if I am not actively running in a group, I am almost always willing to help a low level mortal player recover his corpse and gear. There are several of us heros that devote our free time to assisting other players, and we have a large Angel group whos sole purpose is to assist lowmortals.

As for the Imms deleting an area when Bling's character was saved there, this is sad. I personally loved Cimmeria. I thought it was a great area for lowmortals to run in, and I suggested it often. However, as many of the posts recently have said, change is enevitable. The Imms replaced Cimmeria with a new area. Unfortunately, there is no marker that lets the builders know that a character was saved in this area. (Its always a good idea to save your character in a 'Safe Room' such as Sol, Nom, Aelmon, etc.

Again, for, Im not sure what your problem with Avatar is. But I can look back at several notes where you flame Avatar, flame the staff, flame Crom, etc. Get over it, my friend. Move on. If you dont like Avatar, play another game. For Bling, Im sorry that you were not assisted. Hopefully, I see you on-line and I can make it up to you in some token way.


**Previous message from "Bling's Messenger cite**
I was on Avater today looking at letter and saw ne that needs to be seen to anyone who want to play this game.
**Letter snipped to save space**

will i be recommending this mud to others as newbie friendly? i think not. Please go to another mud that is newbie Freindly which listens to player ideas and doesn't like crom not listen just says "I work the mud you dont so I am god and dont need to listen to Ideas" like many of the Imms on this game.