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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Michelle Gelles

I want to take a minute and share with you the wonderfully unique rich roleplaying experience I?ve found at OtherSpace. When I stumbled upon OtherSpace(OS) I admit I wasn?t looking for your typical MUD. I didn?t go in for your hack ?n? slash PK bloodbath with a character with a mile long list of stats and no personality who would be decapitated by an angry mob several days after creation. Even MUSHes and MUDS who claimed to be RP-Intensive had their problems. People seemed at a loss when not engaged in some kind of coded activity, combat or piloting ships aimlessly from planet to planet. I was interested in actual roleplaying and that is exactly what I found in OS. Here, the focus was on storytelling and creating a life for a well-rounded character who in all likelihood would be around for a good long time.
   That isn?t to say we don?t have a wide range of coded systems to support RP. We have an Rspace system, which supports inspace combat, a working economics system and  +speak which allows for use of alien languages in-game. Our Fudge based skills system has a plethora of skills to choose from: from medicine to unarmed combat from Seduction to underwater basketweaving. We have something to fit everyone?s niche. You can be a politician in anyone of our active governments, a soldier in one of our militaries, or a criminal in our ever-growing underworld. If you can dream it you can be it. We have a wide variety of races both humanoid and alien.
  At OtherSpace RP happens constantly. No more waiting for that elusive planned TP that occurs once in a blue moon and always when you?re not online.) At OS, we are almost always in the middle of an arc (a chapter in our ever-evolving story. Each world has a team of admin whose job it is to create exciting RP opportunities for their worlds so no need  to worry about being left out of the action.
    Fair warning, RP at Otherspace takes effort and creativity but you are actively rewarded for your efforts through the use of our experience points system you can earn points by being online and actively Rping during arc events. You get the points regardless if your in the middle of the main action. You can also earn points by earning votes from fellow players. You can then use your points to increase skills and stats.
  If all this sounds interesting but a bit confusing don?t worry. We have a large extremely newbie-friendly staff and extensive information at our website at including the Survivor?s guide to walk you step by step through the character cration process. Come give us a look. You won?t be disappointed.