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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Grinlon

Realms of Despair is one of the first MUDs I have ever played on.  I became involved through a friend of mine who was once an immortal on the MUD itself.  Don't take this to say that made things any easier tho. ;)
For a bit of clarification, is RoD easy?  That depends on the player.  It's not simple though.  The MUD is designed to be challenging, and players not prepared to face that will meet with great adversity very early on.  One other review noted the "excessive losses of exp for fleeing, death, and recalling."  However, there is a simple premise: preparing adequetely before heading into a battle situation, even a possible situation, solves this problem.
Second argument - move points.  The same player who noted the exp problems also noted a problem with the moves.  Once again, the MUD was meant to be challenging, and the Immortals did a good job here.  However, the move points are offset by the presence of two spells (Fly and Float to be specific) that help to conserve mvs.  Good call.
Now, the construction.  I should say that I give the immortals here on this mud incredible amounts of credit for the work they have done here.  I find the building superb, and very challenging in some areas.  The mobs also require strategy to defeat for the better EQ within the game.
As for color, I'll admit, the game did used to have some problems there, but the color's just been changed around a bit, which makes it acceptable in my opinion.
All in all, I must give this MUD a high rating.  It's a MUD I intend to keep playing on for a long time, not only from the quality of work, but the honor of the Imms there (anyone who accuses these wonderful people who give their time to build and code of playing favorites needs to have their eyes checked).  Keep up the good work!