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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by GenmaC

Well, I'll list my impressions here.

Empty.  Although there were almost 10 players online, and some constant chatter on the OOC channel, in actual playing terms, the place is desolate.  Finding a newbie target to level on was quite a hassle, and there wasn't really anything for a newbie to DO, even though I supposedly had all these cool skills like starship piloting and so forth.

Unbalanced.  I decided to play a Hutt, since I figured it was one of the less used races, and that's where a MUD can be seen at it's best or it's worst, in the balance of it's races.  My character was unable to kill any of the "rodents", which were the lowest life form on the planet.  

Poor creation.  My character was placed on the planet Nar Shadda, home of the Hutts.  However, none of the NPCs even spoke Huttese, the language my character knew, so it was impossible to read any of the NPC messages.  There was no easily accessible language teacher on Nar Shadda, so I couldn't pay to give my character the "basic" language, so I was basically stuck.

Again, poor creation.  Nar Shadda was poorly designed, with no areas of real interest, vanilla descriptions, and nowhere to go.  Also, possessing a weapon is illegal on parts of the planet, so I lost my "vibroblade" when I entered a hotel.  This would have to fall under poor creation as well.

Overall, I played this MUD for almost an hour, and I have to say, it's not worth your time.  Good idea, bad implementation.