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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anonymous

SWSE is the most advanced SWR MUD I have ever played, both in code and in RP quality. There are many more areas and code snippets than any other of the top SWRs out there, and the player base is much better than most of them as well (20-30 average during the day).
Many times have I tried to leave after a particularly disappointing death of a beloved character, but I have always found myself returning to this one with another character concept, to try "just one more time".
Most of the players are well established and have been here for quite a while, which, in my opinion, leads itself to the game's only flaw.
Many players seem to be involved in an eternal struggle for one-upmanship, both ICly and OOCly. These players seem to be always ripping on each other over the OOC channel, trying to prove their intellectual superiority or quality of their characters constantly. This, while it doesnt majorly detract from the game, can get quite annoying at times. There also seems to be a certain amount of exculsion for those who are new by those who have friends on the MUD, and almost exculsively RP within their own little group.
I have been playing here for almost a year, and have enjoyed my time here quite alot. The above complaint is why I choose to keep my name anonymous, for I feel that my character on the MUD my be potentially affected by just that statement.
This MUD is excellent in scope and enjoyment, and I am sure I will continue to play here for quite some time, so it has done it's job quite excellently in most of the areas. I highly recommend it, if you are not that sensitive to a bit of arrogance.