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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Richard

Sorry will not give my mud name because of how Imms are on this game.  Even a mediocre review can get you in trouble.  I have been away from the game for a long time (6 months) and just barely got back to looking at the game.  It looks awful.  SOme imms that decide what goes in must be smoking something funny or are drinking quite a bit before making there "additions".  Hmm a new thing called worship.  They used to have something like this for warriors but they decided it was unfair to other classes I think.  Hmm instead of trying to make the other classes better dumify the class that actually worked.  THe imms put in stuff that makes the game harder.  HA this is not realistic and what they say in there info is wrong.

"THEME newbie friendly"  yes to newbies but they are extremely rude to non newbies so only play it for about a month at the most

"Category Medieval Fantasy" bull they are making it more "realistic" now is what they are trying to do so it is really Medieval Reality.

"stable MUD for FIVE years!" A year ago they lost their connection and asked the mudders to help pay for it.  THe mudders like me payed and after months the game was able to be played again.  IN a corporation when you buy in you get a say well in this mud they care more for their own pocket books than player ideas.
"Our Coding and Area Staff have been working on our system for almost 7 years"  WOW 7 years.  7 years in technology standpoint is like 250 years in real life. hmm now 7 years ago how slow were comps think how slow these people are to changes that they dont like.
"Morphing allows evolution through 999 Hero, Lord, Legend and Titan Levels!!!"  Now here is when they really lie.  Legend they are not even working on yet and Titan is a dream that probably will mold by the time they put it in.  So really 999 Hero and Lords levels.  Oh yeah and each lord level takes 1 hour about one run usually because the imms decided that they were leveling too fast.  Heroes per run get about 5000 exp which is about 3 levels average in all.  Since a run takes an hour and there are 999 hero levels to get to hero level 999 it would take 333 hours just leveling to get there.( THis does not include the 1000+ hours of sitting around since the people around you never group you.)  Then since it takes an hour just to get one level (not including the 80% chance of dieing before you get to the level) it would take you at least 999 hours right there.
Hmm so all in all it would take you at least 3 years to get to lord 999 if you were never to sleep eat or live at all.
"Our famous HOGathons, to help you with those occasional ruts!"  OO Wow Hogathons.  This game is full of ruts since the people on it dont group with new people that much.  I am one of a few that each time I run will specifically pick a new person so that I will know more people.

"Remember how hard it was to get a group when you were new and didn't
know many people ?

Remember the frustration that people wouldn't group you because your level
wasn't high enough but your level wasn't high enough because people wouldn't
group you !! ??

You do ?

Do something about it then :)
Go on, group a lower level hero today - make a new friend or two :)

Remember your roots !

Riviat" This was asked because people on this game do not help new people so they lie about being newbie friendly.

"Come try us out, you'll be glad you did! Our 14,000+ players are! " Here is the biggest mistakes in the whole thing.  You will probably not enjoy this game. and there is not 14,000 players barely any of those are ever online they just relog to keep their characters.

LAst but not least people have been quiting the game because they do not like the new things that Crom and other imms think are correct*Vomit*.  They say they are leaving because they want to.  No most of them have become sick of the way they are being treated. THey decided to go someplace else because like me they should be heard.  My father is losing his job because his management is not listening to him just like this game is growing moldy from the stagnent and rancid imms that run this game.  Play a year or 2 old game they will listen to you because they care for your input.  These imms would rather ban you than listen to you.