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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Felinda

So, what, Richard?  Is that your monthly Anti-Avatar diatribe?  Your 'review' of 16 June had nothing new to say from your 'review' of 4 May.  I like the way you tell folks not to play because it's such a horrid mud, yet you're scared to post using your mudname, I guess because you're afraid of losing your character or something?  Even if it were to happen, which I doubt (Snikt and staff have better more important things to do than worry about thwapping folks that post negative reviews) all it would accomplish would be to prevent you from playing a game you say is horrid and advise others against playing anyway.

That in itself puts the lie to over 95% of what you said.

It's been said before, but I'll reiterate it.  Avatar is a dynamic world.  Areas are being revamped or replaced, with older, stock, less-run areas being removed.  New skills and spells get added, some old ones get removed.  Snikt has a vision of what he wants Avatar to be, and the staff is working to implement that.  Legend and the upper tiers ARE being worked on, but, ya know, the coders have real lives too, and the work proceeds as they can get to it.  It's all voluntary.

As far as being Newbie friendly, Avatar has a Mudschool that true newbies can go through, plus an entire group of players that have volunteered to stop 'levelling' specifically to help guide new players.

Richard, I'd suggest you evaluate your motivations behind 1) posting these negative reviews and 2) continuing to play a game you find so unpalatable.