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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Krystal

"I'm afraid I have to call a halt to sharing of information on our note system.
Feel free to share off-game and/or word of mouth. It is supposed to be secret, however, so I can't condone written stuff on here.  "

THis is what THey do when they dont want information given to everyone they take the persons information about something and remove it.  THis was said by Crom since he being a senor imm decided a letter sent to everyone  had information on it that shouldnt be on.  The letter had no foul language but Crom decided, like the annoyance that he is that we should worship a stupid god without information about what a specific god will do.  Thanks Crom for all your bogus work.  There are good players that want to help on the game but the nice imms dont want there to be help.