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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by RedCola

I played on Avatar mud for approximately 5 years. I used to swear by Avatar as being the best mud out there. However, Avatar does have a few areas they need improvement on. They have a great helper staff (called Angels) which have to undergo a rigorous selection process. They help new players and often also help experienced players learn commands for the mud, basic equipment and how to get around. They have one of the best helper systems I've seen. However, while it may take a long while before someone reaches Lord level 999, currently that's the top. They do have two more echelons after that (Legend and Titan) but those levels have not yet been made available to characters (Even those who are as high in level as currently possible).

Areas on a mud are a constant time consumer as they need people to write them, check for bugs, fix and maintain an area. The Immortal staff does hold area writing contests once in a great while and they let people on the mud vote for the best area before adding the final version for an area. However, as the player database grows, so does the density in different areas. On several occasions I have run out of mobiles to attack in an area which had 3-4 parties running the same areas. (Most Avatar parties are between 3-6 characters) This definately makes for lively competition for people who just like to hack and slash. But other characters have a tough time completing that area quest when the mobile holding the key has been killed, looted, and sacrificed.

If you're someone who doesn't mind making a separate character for each class (no multi-class characters), likes to hack and slash through areas and doesn't normally quest a whole lot then Avatar's for you.

I stayed on Avatar for so long because after a while it simply became an investment of time even once I was bored with playing there. After more time I searched out something more. Avatar is a great place for beginning mudders and certain playing styles. I personally needed something more after all that time. Once you have a Lord character (unless you want to spend the time to reach Lord level 999) all there really is to do is create a new character in another race and/or class and start hacking and slashing again.

RedCola (previous Avatar supporter)