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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anonymous

A lot of potential, gone to waste.

The thing is, this MUD is a lot of fun to play and even just to level up is entertaining, et cetera, et cetera. The roleplay is fun to be a part of. And therein lies the first problem.

Roleplay is exceedingly hard to become a part of, if you're looking to get into anything like the 'main' storyline. To have even a halfway decent chance, you are required to get a lucky stat roll at creation that designates you as force-sensitive. From there, you have to find the meditate skill, spam the command until you actually tune to the force, and then find a Jedi Master to train you.

Roleplay is easily concentrated on the Jedi and those who aren't can be easily excluded and left to their own devices, and the immortal support isn't any better.

Immortals are often rude and feel they have a full sense of superiority over the player, with the exceptions of the head Administrators such as Caspion and Vorian.

Immortals like Derrik feel they have every right to treat the players as badly as they want to, and will basically, if they don't like the way you've done something, neglect to tell you what was done wrong, instead opting to say. "No, this is what's happening now. And I'm saying it, so it's done."

All in all, it's a major disappointment to see such a great MUD ruined by it's staff and elitest attitudes.