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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by A Shattered Equinox Player

You said in the previous review that Role Play was highly concentrated on force users.  This is untrue if you ask anyone who sticks around and plays.  People in the major governments, the Imperial Remnant, and the New Republic often role play much more then the jedi even.  Although it may not be as immersive.  The reason RP seems centered with the jedi is because Jedi are regarded as the best Role Players in the game.  If you roll force and are not a decent Jedi, you may have your force removed.  It keeps events such as a light Jedi going on a killing spree from happening.  As for the immortals, if you think they are rude they are most likely just giving you a hard time.  Don't be so quick to judge, and listen to them as they have worked hard to build a world you can play in.  To any new players who may come to the mud, stick around and you'll find it is worth your while. I did.