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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Rookkei

Mr. Anon, I would like to point out to you that not all the Imms are mean as you put it.  Sure some people can have BAD days and the such, but you can not just judge a mud on just one particular day.  I have been playing for 1 month now, on multiple characters and I would like to inform you and whomever else wishes to atleast try the game, give it more than 1 day.  And about Jedi's, force is supposed to be for those people who have avatar'ed their character, not for the beginner.  Just like bounty hunting, being a Jedi is highly RP and very difficult way of living in the game.  Sure, there is a 1/80 chance of having force, and not all people who have force can be Jedi's. But that is the fun in the game.  You forgot to mention the soon-to-be all new Coruscant, that is being currently built, and the all-new totally unique space travel features that is not in any other SW Mud on the web.  So if anyone wishes to see what all I am talking about, please give us a try.  And please remember that the Imms are stressed and can't always answer every question you have, so ask on the ooc channel your question, and some of the NICE players WILL help you.