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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by A Dark Initiate

From a newbie's perspective, Star Wars: Shattered Equinox is a little intimidating and can be hard to get used too.  Free speach is encouraged and immortals can be aggressive in there attitudes towards players that don't read information that is plain to see when they first go through the academy or other places within the game.

However, when you get to know those basic commands and start to realise what SWSE has to offer a player. You will see a well balanced and enjoyable place to roam and make friends and enemies alike.  Just because someone is an enemy ingame does not mean you have to be horrible ooc... in most cases... all Jedi's, light and dark, are good friends at the end of the day as well as most bounty hunters and criminals.

The players can be very helpful if they are not busy ingame, as much as the immortals can help you also... but people must remember,  This game is about exploration and RP,  to take a character and truly play his nature, his hate, his love and to most importantly.... have fun.

To those that have come in and been disgruntled very quickly because you have not taken the time to learn... come back and see for yourselves if what I say is true.  I am one in a crowd of people that will help if I can... even though I cannot do it Incharacter... being a nasty Gamorrean Dark Initiate.  How many "pig like creatures" do you know that have the Force :p

My last words... Take time to learn, Take time to grow, Take time to have fun and everything will slowly fit into place.  Come visit us at and see why we are the best Star Wars based mud in the world!