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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Sojik

I'm one of the head administrators of Star Wars:Shattered Equinox. I am posting this review in reply to the recent one where they basically dissed the MUD. The thing is, we are actually, a VERY newbie friendly MUD. Some people (not even staff members, mind you)get annoyed at people who ask questions which are answered in the newbie zone with little if no urging from the player. Most MUDs have a 'help newbie' file, which answers even more. And if that doesn't answer your question, that's what the administrators are for. I would like to invite anyone reading this review to come take a chance, we are a great MUD, as shows from our being the top not only Star Wars, but futuristic, MUD on here. See why we are. :)
-Sojik of SWSE