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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Aethen

Wow. I shouldn't have to say more- but I will.

I started playing SE about two weeks ago, and was initially attracted to it by it's high ranking on the TMS website. Not surpised in the least, I sooned discovered it deserves the votes it gets.

The staff was very newbie-friendly: upon signing on for the first time I immediately was greeted personally by an IMM, who asked if I was new- she helped me accordingly with all the questions I did and didn't have.

I found getting started was easy, and I was very happy with how helpfull other mudders were- they got me to a fast start and I was soon on my way. Good RP abounds here, anyone you meet anywhere is willing to hold a good conversation 9/10 times if you're polite about it- and that 1/10 of the time is only when they're truly to busy IC to talk.

The space travel system is truly all new, and very simple to learn- I caught on in about 1-2 minutes of experimentation (trial and error, coupled with a VERY extensive help file). On top of this, they've got a great customary ship system, that revolves around various PC ran guilds.

Levelling is fast with a little help up until mid-level, and you catch a feel for the MUD quickly (I hate feeling like a disoriented newbie for to long...) The staff (from what I've SEEN) is constantly adding on to the MUD- creating a fast paced environment that's simply fun to game in- and from there anouncements it seems they plan to effectively increase

Overall- Shattered Equinox shows more promise in a SW mud than any I've seen in quite a long time. It was exactly what I was looking for (and didn't think I would find), and is fit for all Mudders to play- enjoy!