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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Nat

Having played this MUD, I am finally sick of it. Almost the entire populace of Tsunami are completely unhelpful, backbiting, and viscious. They are completely umhelpful to newbies now and the entire administration is corrupt and completely unhelpful. Classes and subclasses are constantly changed, reduced and increased, upon the administrations every whim. If you play a class well enough, prepare for reductions. If you dont play well at all, prepare for ridicule and PKing. If you want to imagine Tsunami, just imagine a high school made up entirely of boys, with cliques and everything, playing cruel jokes on each other and screaming curses constantly. If you enjoy that sort of environment, im sure youd love Tsunami. But at least for me, it started out decent enough, but things change, and currently, Tsunami is deep in the mire, not even worth playing for the subclasses.