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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Nilmit

You'll have to forgive me. I just finished reading all these reviews, and now my eyes are sore.
I have been playing Avatar off and on for what? 5 years now? I remember a while ago there was a note posted about this top mud sites thing and how we should all vote for avatar, and I thought to myself, Self? Why don't you go check this page out? So I did.
After reading these reviews, I have quite a few comments. First of all, if you want to try this mud, do it. Don't let anyone else dictate which mud you should or shouldn't try. I mean really. Come on now. Secondly, I happen to like Avatar. Yes, there have been lots of changes. Yes, some of them have been bad. But some have been good, as well. The new newbie goo area is a personal favorite of mine, as well as chaos channel, the next best thing to sliced bread.
I'm a mage. Nilmit was my first character. She's the only character that I've had this long. Mages are hard. That's why it has not one but TWO **'s in front of it when you create your character. And the nice little disclaimer that says ** mean's it's a hard class to play? Yeah. Don't play one of those if you're a new player, or if you are a whiner. Choose an easier class. Like warrior, or any of the others that doesn't have any stars in front of it.
As for all you people who are interacting with these imms who are supposedly evil horrid creatures, I want to know what you did to make the immortals notice you. I mean, how long have I been playing now? And I've spoken directly to an immortal twice. Once because I was getting married, and she was performing the ceremony. The other time, there was a mixup with my ip address and it was thought that I might be multi-playing (which, for you newbies, is against the rules. There are quite a few disclaimers about that, too. And conveniently, right before you log on EVERY TIME, and during character creation. It's also in HELP RULES). Both times, the imms were very nice. Even the one who thought I was breaking the rules. He sat down with me and asked me questions, and when it was discovered that I wasn't multi-playing, he apologized and sent me on my way. No screaming, no growing of horns, no banning me for talking, none of that. The way you people talk, I'm almost hurt that I  haven't been noticed. *smirk*
Anyway, back to you newbies thinking about playing this game. Do so. If you don't like it, then you can stop playing, but if you don't try it, you'll never know. It's really as simple as that. Oh, and might I suggest you learn the command "note catchup", because there are always those players who can't seem to find anything better to do than whine about something or other. Yes, bad changes have been made. But good ones have, too. Deal with it.
Oh, and if you do decide to come play, and you see me on, send me a tell and I'll help you. Because that's what I do, and what I have done since level 10 or so, when I got the armor, giant strength, and bless spells and ran around nom spelling up everyone. I have a few more spells under my robes these days, and mana to spare, so don't be shy.