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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by DekkatH

Hi.  I am Ryan Reed. (DekkatH)  I have
played Realms for over five years and have played numerous other muds.  there is no other place that could bring together so man cool people almost as odd as my self!  The PK there has its own blend of sass which is increadably fun to watch, the mortal-immortal relationships are very strong (The morts have a definate voice in what happens on the mud) and the gameplay has kept me there happily all those years.  

In response to the wanker who was complaning about imms's mortal chars running in places that have been changed, i would like to say 3 words.
Stop being jealous.  A group I am in called Ringbearers runs to those places such as seths often.  Those places are for everyone willing to explore and think a little.  Perhaps you should open your mind just a touch and get some fresh air in that dusty box of yours.  The leadership of this mud in its current state brought HERNE back from mortalhood, whacha think about that?  If the staff can pull a man from his otters, it can surel run a mud.

I love RoD, and it pains me to hear somone, especially an ANONYMOUS someone making false claims about it.  Have a wonderful day!

  Ryan C. Reed
  Dekkath Darkraven, Lizard King.