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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Morninglight

Imagine a world where water is rarer than wood and nearly more precious than the metal only the wealthiest can afford. Imagine a sandstorm blasting its way over the land, its howl like a thousand souls in agony. Imagine a city where corruption is the rule, and generosity the exception. Imagine a place where elves are shifty thieves, dwarves hairless zealots and halflings carniverous forest-dwellers. Imagine all of this, and you may come close to the experience that is Armageddon.

I have been playing Armageddon since January 2001, having started my mudding career on LP Muds in March 2000 and then moving to hack'n'slash, RP Enforced and then RPI. It is a one of a kind, filled with more realism than a telemovie based on true stories and more harshness than a US Marine drill sergeant on a bad day. It is more addictive than chocolate, in my opinion - I play Arm more than I eat sweets.

The game's staff are pretty incredible - ever submitted an object or mob to a game only to be told it's not wanted because you're not a builder?
In Armageddon, the players are encouraged to add to the world. I've had 110+ characters (it's a permadeath MUD) and one of the Immortals told me that I had managed to come up with original descriptions and histories for each one. Gives you a warm, fuzzy glow when you hear that, or so I think.

The coding is fantastic. You can craft anything from a silken dress to a feathered earring to a blade of wood, bone or chitin - provided you have the skills necessary, of course. Guilds and certain races *are* restricted, but for some very good reasons. A desert elf has pretty impressive stamina as they don't ride mounts - imagine the abuse possible if this race was available to the average 'twink.'

On the upside, you can customise your character with subguilds - have a ranger who can live off the land and make armour from anything he hunts, or a burglar with a talent for languages. This is the part I love about Armageddon, aside from the RP.

RP isn't enforced - it's expected. Allowances are often made to newbies via advice even as that nasty elven assassin plans to slit that poor newbie warrior's throat. It's lead by example on Armageddon, and I've met role-players who would win Academy awards for their talent.

Give Armageddon a go, and prepare for a life-changing experience in MUDs. I am not ashamed to admit that I dream about my characters, or wonder how they would react to an everyday situation. Read the helpfiles before applying for a character, and you'll do quite well.

Morninglight the RP Addict