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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Tage

I've played on tsunami for one year now.
I have previously played games like archmage, archspace, astronest, broodwar and counterstrike.
Archmage took alot of my time and I had gotten bored of it, I stumbled upon tsunami, a text based rpg.
The though of this didn't appeal me much, I created a character to read some class info and such while bored.
As I read about the classes I noticed that they all seemed very unique, I tried out a few to play on warnami. (a server they have up where one can play against other players, winner gets exp loser loses nothing).
I noticed some very skilled players were able to take on 4 and sometimes even more people ganging them, and still winning.
This convinced me that it wasn't a luck based game, that skill was a very important factor.
Me, loving competitions of all kinds ofcourse couldn't resist playing it myself.
I have recently wizzed on this mud and must say it's the best game I have ever stumbled upon, a big world with alot of areas coming from books, such as middle earth from lord of the rings, neverland from peter pan and many many more.
I suggest all of you to try it out, there are lots of helpfull players there, each mud has it's pricks ofcourse, but they add spice to the game imho.

To be honest I have only played 2 other muds, 3kingdoms and a swedish mud I dont remember the name of.
3kingdoms was to me an unholy mess of themes.
Who wants to run around as a knight fighting fremen wielding stun pistols or stumble upon spacecrafts.
The swedish mud was too small to compare to, only had 1 class, and consisted of maybe 200 rooms only.
Anyhow, sorry for my crappy english, hope to see you around.