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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Retez

Shattered Equinox is a 9.9 in my scale. It has my sense of newbie friendly and it ACTUALLY has a sense between ic info and ooc info *though some of the players dont* It has a good multi class/race system. It has a lot more ways to make money too. It isnt: kill, gain experince youve reached level 23! its using your skills to help affect the rest of the players and the galatic powers and gaining experince as you go. *a sort of no graphic better than runescape thing*

Now the cons.... Ok the immortals arent really that kind cause SOME of them treat you badly or use profanity aginst you. I encountered an immortal who for the fun of it gave me a silence *no channels* for over a day for very stupid reasons and others who applied to those reasons were never silenced. Yea if the immortals had some more curtousy

I would be giving this thing a 10 all the way