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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Alzhayad Dawnflower

So here I am again, in front of my PC.


Yes, it is summertime, and all the guys are running around suntanned with not an inch of fat on their hard-trimmed muscles, getting the girls...and then there am I, cheesy-white skin, flabby tighs and no girlfriend. But who needs a girlfriend anyway when there is mud? *grin*

Okay, back to some serious remarks about the highly addictive Dawn of the Ages.
I have been playing on this MUD until about one and a half year ago. Some serious troubles with my studies *deep sigh* made me force away myself from any form of PC during that time, and I only very recently have taken on mudding again.
What I still remember from the old days in Dawn is: Whoa, it was complex. The possibilities were endless, the areas mostly original and really good, kind and helpful immos (will always remember the immortal appearing out of thin air asking me why I had not chosen a career at level 20, and then explained to me what that thing was, even though there was a helpfile...thanks, Umbroso :-) )Well, only several players were a thorn in the side of my enjoyment.

Now that I have come back...what can I say, it has hard to imagine, but the world has developed into a even more detailed place. The codebase was and is excellent, and the choice of race/profession/career/clan has become an even more complex one.
Plus: Those few awful players from old days have, as far as I see it, gone.

I have tried many a MUD since I saw my firt lines of text now, and they all pale in comparision. Yes, all the Top 10 Muds can't, in my eyes, compare to Dawn. They have got a larger playerbase, but that in my eyes is not really an advantage. In Dawn, you have got the family feeling...and it offers for free more than those you have to pay for...dunno why people tend to think that the more expensive something is, the better it is...You cannot buy experience points with reallife money on Dawn, yes...but what serious MUDder would do that anyways? :-)

One thing though is that dawn, due to it's uniqueness, is hard. It is complicated. So be sure that to enjoy playing here, you will need some time. But then, Dawn is so damn addictive that you don't want to invest less time. Come and pay Dawn a visit, and you will find that it is more than worth every second you spend there.

Have fun MUDding,
PB Alzhayad Dawnflower, Emissary of the Crow, proud member of Lokatar.