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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Phule

I am quite amazed in my almost 2 years at this mud that I have never posted a review. Then I am sure some will cringe when they see this with my name attached it. This mud is probably one of the best muds I have ever played I am not just trying to pump it up and make it sound better then the rest.  Like all things it has it pros and cons. I just got done reading some of the past reviews and I feel that I should update a few things about this wonderful world.

The reinc systems in now automated.  FOr some this is a good thing for others its bad but you also have the option to reinc through outstanding Roleplay as to be seen through immortal eyes of course.  Clans are in a constant state of change the power shift at times is mind boggling its never been stagnant or lop sided as some will complain.  New races have been added and also new religons to choose from.  Role Play as a whole is starting to pick up something I am gratefull for.  Newbies Are more then greeted with open arms and some clans go out of thier way to make them feel welcome and assist them when they ask for it. Random items have been reworked again and now they are more creative and imaginative then before.  Quests , Arena, Pk fights we have it all it is at times rather fast and mind boggling as the screen flies by before your eyes.

The Bad We still run into some of those people that are out to ruin the fun for everyone.  I dont think they can be avoided though. Role play though on an upward bound is still a major lacking thing but with the ability of non pk joined to join clans it may become even better in the future.  Player base could be be better being from the states I log on at times and there are only a few people on perhaps more of us from the US can start to jump in the mud and take a look around.  

Overall I would recommend this mud to anyway looking for a change and a good time Player interaction is amusing at times and well I am addicted just like every other person who writes a review.

If you do stop in and need help I am always there to offer assistance.

PB/Phule The Heartless Abbadon Of Lokatar