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Reviews Section

I am writing this anonymous due to the fact that many of the immortals in Realms have grown very abusive over time. I know that there are some people in that world that are very happy, I used to be one. If you are in the "in" click with the immortals you recieve favors, after a while this becomes something that you realize is wrong. The rift between the ones that have everything and those that don't was just doubled.

The new codebase for Realms of Despair is in. Many are now leaving. Many miss the magic. I am one of this many. I invested just short of 5 years in Realms and my main was a mage. I am now suffering from the lack of strength, the cost of potions doubling, the cost of casting spells more than doubled, and the removal of over 20 mage spells.

If that were all simply changing main classes would be easy. But I am a mage, I have always been a mage, and sought out this world to be express this in the game form that I crave. Being a mage means that you start weak, then become to be one of the most feared classes due to magic in the end. Now we can't even carry the potions needed for runs, can't wear the main weapon we have been wearing for years, and can't trance effectively due to their code changes.

This gets better. They took away all our deities leaving us without favor then expect us to track down deities across the world without favor to get one and devote. People who try often die and loose everything in the process. Those that try to get an immortal to CR them loose equipment as payment to them AND if they are a mage loose more since we can carry 150 less than we do now. The loss of deities was done to us twice since the new codebase was put into play.

Traveling in this new version of RoD is now much harder with the limits on Astral/Portal.

I used to try to get people to come to RoD, thought it was a decent place. Everything there is now pushed hard toward Role play. This would be great if there were a bunch of role play groups that were totally into it. This was a run mud with a small role play group. The world belongs to the immortals, they do with it what they want.

Realms of Despair is now a warrior world for those that have the resources to back them up. If you are able to buy into it at the top level you don't stand a chance, but if you are a newbie, look elsewhere for a mud. I can't recommend this mud anymore. They destroyed what you worked so hard to build Thoric.