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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by GypsyLass

Armageddon MUD: A world so harsh that the daily struggle to exist will
occupy all your initial attention as your character fights for a few
obsidian coins, or the loot from a fallen fellow that may buy them a round
of ale and a bowl of ocotillo stew to stave off starvation for another day.
Once the base necessities of life have been achieved, he or she can look
around for employment: perhaps as a noble's guard, or as a merchant for
one of the Major Houses.

Armageddon MUD: A code-base with the sophisticated emote-code that has
become the standard for RPI MUDs, where the subtleties and vagaries of
speech acts can be expressed like nowhere else. The developer of
the think command in its fullest implementation as well as a thousand other nuances designed to make the roleplaying experience as real as possible.

Armageddon MUD: A community of roleplayers like no other on the Internet, some
of whose members have been playing in this world for over a decade. A history
shaped by the words and deeds of generations of characters, cultures that have
been fleshed out down to idiosyncracies and superstitutions, lexicons and last
names. A world built by the efforts of hundreds of people, fleshed out and
breathing, awaiting your visit.

Armageddon MUD: A realm of exquisitely precise writing, described in
detail that includes the taste and smell and sound of the world in which your
character acts. Where the sunrise washes an obsidian-walled city with ruddy
light as the Main Bazaar stirs to sleepy life and the gates of Allanak open
to travellers while southwards, silt-laden winds, harsh and sere, pummel the
traveller to the point of suffocation as they venture forth on the Sea of Silt.

Armageddon MUD: A place of constant changes and updates, where the characters
insinuate themselves into history, shaping the events and occasions of the
ongoing, overarching novel told jointly, simultaenously by scores of players.
Where not paying attention to politics may cost your character his or her
life -- as yet another figure steps forward from the shadows before melding
back into the overall narrative.

Armageddon: Roleplay Required.