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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Jon

As usual, long time players submit pro reviews to pump up the player base. Well, this isnt one. I've MU*ded pretty much everything from Circle to Godwars to Custom stuff that you wouldnt know what it orginated from. Though all different, they all had one idea that was common - be newbie friendly. Avatar, in my little time there, wasnt. With over 100 people on, only myself and another newbie seems to be listening to the newbie channel. Questions were asked over this channel (as one normally does over a noob channel in any MU*) and no answers were given. Chat was filled with how to make money off newbies, know, general MU* chatter. I was taught that if you cant at least say ONE good thing about someone, dont say anything at all so i will point out a few positives..the newbie area was refreshing from the same old "Midgaard Newbie Academy" that almost every code has, you do start out with some equipment (which some MU*s including RP enfirced dont do) and the help files are decent. Mobs seemed varied in the academy which is better than the same old "aggressive/shy monster stands here and growls at you!" type mobs we all have seen and dispatched.
 One negative sidenote though, skills and trains. I personally ddidnt like the idea that trains and Practices were using the same sessions. IMO both should be seperate. If staff feels that there could be Stat abuse, just tweak the trains gained per level down a tad. Must be easy to code since a majority of MU*s go that route. Though the listing says "Character Validation" there is a loophole by simply saying you're an expierenced MU*der at character creation. The other newbie was awaiting validation (and asking over the Newbie Channel which no one was listening to) where as I started out at level 2. Where it says in their listing "We offer what is possibly the most friendly and helpful newbie guidance on the 'net"..heh..i;ve seen friendlier newbie "guidance" on small MU*s when the Imms were going through bad hair days. Maybe if you're into powerMU*ding and got tired of say Aardwolf, then maybe this is for you, BUT if you're totaly new to MU*ding, try somewhere else to get the feel of playing a MU* and then come to Avatar if you get really bored.