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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Reach of the Empire by Tyr Bannik

Star Wars: Reach of the Empire uses a lot of the OtherSpace systems and it shows. The same FUDGE roleplaying system is utilized along with the same Chargen and other systems.

This is not to say it's a bad thing. The systems are easy to use and understand and the +confetti points and the points handed out for arc events taking place (whether you were in the scene or not) make sure that some parity is maintained and no one necessarily falls behind in the character development race to far, as long as they are around and active. It also doesn't favor, then, the people who run from scene to scene and allows people to remain more IC - solving the problem of "but my character would never be there for that."

The staff is helpful and chatty, always seeming to be on the Organization and Public channels and receptive to criticism. This is great now, especially with the small size of the MU* because the staff now knows the playerbase a lot more intimately and much more one-on-one attention is received.

The first Arc focuses around Tatooine and therefore most of the roleplaying is there, as are most of the PC's. The Arc system, by the way, is a series of events that form one overreaching story, which the players can effect with their actions. An Arc might be similar to a season in a television show or one, long, drawn-out episode. A problem is established, confronted, and there are fall-outs as a result of it.

It's clear that the staff isn't afraid to break from Star Wars canon. In the first Arc event, Luke Skywalker was killed in a pod racing accident, while Biggs Darklighter lives. The game is establishing itself as a place that sets its own tone and makes its own stories, rather than relying on the constraits of canon. It's own setting, in the 'in between' time between Episodes III and IV give it a lot of wiggle room to grow and develop.

While there are some snags right now (as of this writing - 9/3/02) - space isn't active, and the one-planet setting leads to some odd situations, such as a Commodore and Colonel "on assignment" to the backwater Tatooine Outpost, as the game grows and expands, some of the "bunching up" can be alleviated. This is also an excellent game to be an Imperial on: It is called, after all, "Reach of the Empire" and Imperials have a large staff dedicated to them, but independents, like smugglers, will also have an infrastructure.

Also, thankfully, the Imperials are treated like competent individuals. Stormtroopers are allowed to hit what they shoot at, TIE fighters use their acceleration to their advantage, and so on. If you want to be more an Imperial cut-out, Reach of the Empire is for you.

While the game is new, this is the attempt to get in on the ground floor. Positions are needed in all sectors - don't ask what's available, come up with a concept and run it by the staff. Shooting too high is possible, but you can't get it if you don't ask.

- 2nd Lieutenant Tyr Bannik, Platoon Leader, Tatooine Outpost Detachment, Force Recon