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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Jazuela

Lots of good, not much that's bad, though the bad tipped the scales due to my rather picky criteria for gaming. Here's the good:

Roleplay. I've never seen it so good anywhere else. In fact, their mechanics support roleplay in the "emote/say/tell/look" commands. You can target specific people while using these things, but continue the text to include other things as well.

A single "emote" -

emote glances at ~templar with trepidation, fidgeting nervously. She takes her eyes quickly away from ~templar and smiles sheepishly at ~olive.

Each person (the templar and the olive-skinned woman) in the emote will see "you" where appropriate, and everyone will see "him" or "her" for the the rest. I just really love that. Takes awhile to get the hang of this sort of thing but it adds such amazing dimension to the roleplay I can't say enough about it.

The "bots" or non-playing characters (automatons) - you can't really tell the difference between them and the player characters at first glance. Each of them has their own unique description, and each has various traits - some yell out goods for sale, some slink off to another room as they wander, etc. etc. Again, more richness to the RP side of things.

Now for the bad - and I must emphasize it's only bad for ME - and not necessarily anyone else:

Flat room descriptions. Example (made up but just to give you an idea):

A large dresser dominates the eastern wall, opposite the door to the west. Against the south wall, an enormous mural hangs from wooden pegs, over an oval area rug woven from blue wool.

Okay - looks great. But here's where it becomes flat:

open dresser
>You don't see any "dresser" here.
look mural
>You don't see any "mural" here.
peer rug
>You don't see any "rug" here.

Most rooms are like that. A few here and there would be fine, and even rooms that don't include *every single thing* in the description would be okay. But most rooms have absolutely no objects that coincide with the description for interacting. How am I supposed to know if my character is "sinking" into a chair, if the chair doesn't even exist to have a description saying that it's a cushy comfortable thing? Maybe it's hard wood, and "sinking" into it would make no sense. But I'd like to know one way or another.

Duplicated room descriptions. You could walk 5 blocks north on some streets and see exactly the same description on each block. Seems like a waste to me, and it's particularly boring, especially since there's either a built-in invisible RT for movement, or there's lag. I have no idea which it is but I've yet to be able to move from room A to room B without waiting a few seconds before the game accepted the command to move.

All in all, if you're much more into RP than you are into the "texture" of the construction of the geography, then Armageddon is an excellent option and I can't recommend it enough.

If you are looking for rich design of the world, such as you adventure/explorer types, maybe try something else instead.