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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Dale

Heya I have been playing avatar for awhile cant really remember how long I have been.  I say play this game and to not play this game at the same time.  The info on this game isnt fully correct.  It is only newbie friendly during certain times of the day like groups.  I have sometime been online trying to get groups for 5+++ HOURS and no groups.  You might say I am just sitting around but no I ask the other people on who group and they dont group usually or something like that.  Others might say maybe you have the wrong character but I have a cleric a rog and a war and a psion so pretty much have all bases covered and still will wait hours not getting groups.  IT is almost impossible to solo at higher levels so unless you know a high hero that can plevel you or buy your way a person could be standing around for hours.  Now play this game if you do not listen to imms or fight against any other players.  Also another good thing is to have many other things to do when you go play because you will be just sitting online for hours doing nothing if you dont do something else.