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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Angel Kenji

Hi Dale,
First off, I'd like to start by saying that I do not bash well-written, objective and constructive reviews of Avatar. Avatar MUD is not perfect, nor does any member of the staff claim it is. There are drawbacks to Avatar, and no one claims otherwise. I do, on occasion, bash the spiteful, conceited and beligerent few who use this forum to slander a game that many people have put a great deal of effort into.

That said, I would like to comment on your review. Please don't assume that just because I am an Angel I have no clue what the low mortal levels are like. I do. On quite a few occassions, I create a low mortal character just to see how the other players and staff interact. Oftentimes, I act like a 'clueless newbie' who is having his first introduction to a MUD. During these respites, no one knows I am an Angel in disguise. Even the Imms. (unless of course, they are trying to track my IP.)

Now, as for getting groups and gaining levels in the higher levels of mortal life. I agree, sometimes it is tough. You do require the assitance of a group. I have been able to solo the game up to about level 25 or 30, but after that, I need to group in order to continue to progress. That's what Avatar is all about. It's a social game. If you are looking for a power leveling mud, please look elsewhere. While I admit that there are often high heroes or lords who will plevel their friends, this is rare, and in my opinion, frowned upon.

As for finding groups, if you can not sit on the WHO GROUP list and find a group, there are other alternatives. You said you have both a Warrior and a Rogue alt. Both make excellent tanks (group leaders).  Lead your own group! Give it a try. How do you know that you can't tank if you havent tried?

Far too often, I see someone on the Chat channel complaining about not being able to find a group. My response is standard; 'try leading a group yourself.'

To paraphrase, "Snikt helps those who help themselves."

Please feel free to respond to me personally at the above email address (link) or via tells/notes on Avatar. Thanks for reading this lengthy response.