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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Tirza

I was invited to try Otherspace by some friends on another MU*. I did so with some hesitation as I was much more interested in fantasy than sci-fi. I am very glad I took them up on their invitation. Otherspace has been a challenge for me. It has a very involved storyline with lots of history and you have to do a little work in order to play your character well. The admins are extremely helpful and will use their own characters to draw you into the roleplay. Here I can be a psionic Mystic battling the evil Hive mind or a Sivadian flying around the universe with a handsome Vollistan emmassing a fortune or even a spoiled granddaughter of the feline Demarian race trying to re-establish their place in their fallen world. If you enjoy a challenge and have the desire to be a part of a quality roleplay environment I invite you to come visit us at Otherspace. You will not be disappointed!!!