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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Vidstige

I have been reading some comments about this mud now and i must say that so many are negative which i find a little hard to believe. Not that whis mud doesnt have its drawbacks but most of the time it is fun and entertaining and way better than the place 21 that it now has on this list.
I saw that someone was complaining about not getting help on the newbie chat (nchat) but i have found that most of the time it is the other way around if someone asks something they are almost flooded with answeers and you shouldnt write something like this wothout mentioning the help files which most of the time contain all the help you really need, the only problem is to find the right one from time to time but then it is just to ask.

Someone else said that it is hard to get a group, and it is most of the time but if they just are active and get "mud-friends" then it isnt all that hard to get one, i myself have grouped with the same people for around 80%. Couse as you clearly understand are people more willing to group with you if they know you.

Then finally i have to say that the angels in this game is what makes a differens, people that have stopped playing to simply help people and genarally being helpful.

PS. If nothing else works you can always mess with people on the chat channel, which i personally think should contain random talk to each other but some people think that it is _only_ to be used to talk mud and nothing bothers these people more than someone talking non mud related things on the chat channel. DS.